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to in some way betray the very thing that I’ve given my life to, which is to try to maintain the Jewish tradition,” said David Wolpe, the senior rabbi at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.“It may be beautiful, it may be loving, it may be worth celebrating on a human level.Today, though, with Conservative Judaism fast shrinking, more and more rabbis are bucking this rule.Excerpts: While evidence suggests that intermarriage is linked to less Jewish engagement, people tell different stories about the causes.Now, multiculturalism comes very naturally to kids in this generation—they all support diversity. Didn’t they see that genuine diversity requires respect for difference, that difference implies boundaries, and that boundaries necessarily exclude? The florist in my hypothetical case should have no right to turn away the interfaith couple.Couldn’t a member of a minority community believe, in good faith, that her community faced assimilation and decline to act, in her commercial dealings, in a way that promoted it? Conservatives often assume that controversies like reflect changing sexual norms and an intolerance of resistance.Among non-Orthodox Jews, the intermarriage rate is 71 percent.Christians can — or should — be able to relate to this.

Unlike rabbis in Reform and Reconstruction Judaism, rabbis in Conservative Judaism — which is more willing to make concessions to modern life than Orthodox Judaism — have refused to perform interfaith marriages.

It’s okay for Jewish men to marry Jewish men in synagogue, but not for a Jewish man to marry a Gentile woman? A 2013 Pew study of Judaism in America showed the contours of this crisis: There are a lot more Jews in America than you may have thought — an estimated 6.8 million, according to a new study.

But a growing proportion of them are unlikely to raise their children Jewish or connect with Jewish institutions.

Intermarriage between faiths — or between a believer and a non-believer — makes it more likely that the children of that marriage will practice the religion.

The question, then, facing Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other religious believers living in the modern West is whether or not they can raise their children counterculturally, so that they reject the contemporary cult of individualism and egalitarianism. Law professor Mark Movsesian writes about how none of the students in one of his classes could even understand why a florist should have the right to deny wedding services to a same-sex couple.

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“There’s a huge sociological elephant in the room,” said Daniel Gordis, an American Conservative rabbi who helps run Shalem College, a liberal-arts college in Israel.

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